June 27, 2015

RegNet Solutions API

Power your internal compliance system.


Integrate RegNet’s content with your applications

Create engaging web and mobile apps with RegNet Solution’s platform by providing your end users with access to approximately 20,000 promptly updated regulatory documents. The RegNet API provides relevant search functionality to make your development times even quicker and your end application more useful. Let us handle the repetitive time consuming content related work!


All content and functionality is available through the API

Our API product access is over HTTPS, and accessed from the search.regnetsolutions.com domain (or through yourdomain.com/api/v1/ for enterprise). All requests can be sent as json or xml and received as json, xml, csv, python, ruby or php.


Some of the content fields available include:


  • id
  • host
  • url
  • content
  • contentshort
  • title
  • text
  • inlinks
  • outlinks
  • filetype
  • contentLength
  • fetched
  • date
  • lang
  • market
  • regno
  • regnos
  • regnorelated
  • doctype
  • dates
  • datestext
  • datestype
  • last_modified


RegNet Solutions API Licensing

Please contact us at support@regnetsolutions.com to find out more about the various licensing options for the RegNet Solutions API.