Regulatory Updates: Automotive and Motorcycles – June 2018

Notable in June:

Autonomous Vehicles

The UNECE made significant progress towards developing a regulatory framework for autonomous vehicles.  Changes include a new UNECE working group and a proposal for a new vehicle category.  We expect more developments in Q4 of 2018.

Electric Vehicles

India released several EV-related amendments.  The scope of AIS-123, CMVR Type Approval of Electric Propulsion Kit Intended for Conversion of Vehicles,was expanded to include more L-category (motorcycles) vehicles.  AIS-038 was amended such that vehicles will need to have a tell-tale that indicates when re-charging is recommended.  An amendment to AIS-040 changes the test method for measuring the range of electric powertrain vehicles and expands the wording to cover all L-category vehicles.


EU 2018/932 was released, amending 582/2011 with regard to portable emission measurement systems, also known as PEMs.

Administrative Procedures and BREXIT

The UNECE released a revised “Blue Book”.  The Blue Book explains how the UNECE Working Parties, well…work…and how to participate in them.

In the EU, a proposal was released on the topic of BREXIT and how to handle type approval once the UK withdraws from the Union.  The full document is here.