Regulatory Updates: Automotive and Motorcycles – August 2018

Notable in August:


In an atypically busy August, the UNECE released a large number of documents, including nearly 20 amendments and three new regulations, all of which entered into force in July.  New regulations included:

  • Regulation No. 0, detailing the International Whole Vehicle Type Approval (IWVTA) scheme for M1 passenger vehicles
  • Regulation No. 144, Accident eCall Systems, and,
  • Regulation No. 145 on ISOFIX systems and i-size seating positions

The UN also released a list of adopted proposals and new regulations.  The proposals cover range of topics, including branking, noise and pollutant emissions, safety belts and ISOFIX/ECRS, tyres, net power and speed limitation, frontal impact, and electronic stability control.  The proposals are provisionally scheduled to enter into force at the end of the year.  New regulations, to provisionally enter into force in February 2019, include L-category (motorcycles) hydrogen and fuel cell Regulation No. 146 and a regulation on couplings for agricultural vehicles.

Autonomous Vehicles

The Russian Federation has submitted a list of suggested topics for autonomous vehicles for the rule-making GRVA working group. Topics range from Level 3 to Level 5 and introduce new topics to be addressed at the UNECE such as Platooning, V2I/V2V, and off-road autonomous vehicles.


As part of the UN releases in August, Regulation No. 49, covering emission of gaseous and particulate pollutants from C.I. and
P.I. engines for use in vehicles, was extensively amended.

In the USA, we note that NHTSA is requesting comments on SAFE. This affects CAFE and potentially impacts the California market.  Comments close on 23 October.